Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Tree Nail Tutorial ...

 Lista de productos / List of products:

Sally Hansen Maximun Growth     38 Sacred Scarlet
L.A. Colors Color Craze              Red (no name) Metallic Polish Series
Folk Art acrylic paint                   901 Wicker White
L.A Colors Art deco                    NA916 forrest green
KleanColor Nail to Toe               907 Green Glitter
Color Club Art Club                    NA37 Solid Silver
Miginail art pens                          Blue, yellow, red
KleanColor Nail to Toe              906 Blue Glitter
KleanColor Nail to Toe              904 Gold Glitter
KleanColor Nail to Toe              905 Red Glitter
Beauty Secrets Top Coat

Para ver el tutorial ve a / to watch the tutorial, go to...

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